IPhone XS 64GB

“Mighty catcher" clips the big draw 🎉🎂
In order to celebrate the latest mascot of “Mighty catcher- a clip of quirks, I am especially prepared to celebrate the birth of the big draw than everyone to support my generous players! The grand prize is quite attractive to iphone XS! The second prize and the third prize respectively have the latest generation of Apple iPad mini and Airpods, and send out a large number of game gold coins. The real system is very cute. The mood is very pleasant. You can leave a message to participate in the lucky draw!

📆 Event date: 2019/05/08 15:00 to 2019/05/28 23:59
🎁 prizes:
Grand Prize (1): iPhone XS 64GB (Value: HK$8,599)
Second Prize (1): Apple iPad mini (New, 64GB Wifi) (Value: HK$3,199)
Three Prizes (2): Apple AirPods with charging box (worth HK$1,299)
Four prizes (5): “Glyty Catcher" game, 6,888 gold coins
Five prizes (15): “Greety full open Mighty Catcher" game gold coins 1,688
How to participate:

  1. Bind the game account in the game “Mighty catch"
  2. In this post, fill in the “Mighty catcher" game ID to participate in the event. Download “Mighty catcher" now: https://tab.mighty128.com downloadsl
    ⚠Event Terms and Conditions: http://bit.ly/2PG5uPT Promotional business competition license number: 052096 抓力全开 #夹夹声大抽奖 #iphoneXS #ipadmini #airpods #Mcoin #夹夹怪# mascot

發表者:Catch lucky

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IPhone XS 64GB 有 “ 3 則迴響 ”



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